New Build Cleaning

New Build Cleaning Services

Houses, shops, factories or offices
We understand the challenge and need for scheduling flexibility at the end of a new build or refurbishment project. With several trades to finish their part of a project we will work around them and finish the job on time to the highest possible standard.

As one of the very few cleaning services companies we offer a 24/7 service on projects where time is at a premium.

What’s involved?

Phase 1
Removal of all waste discarded by the builders, i.e. paper, leftover wood, bricks, nails and screws and even larger items. We will make the site ready for final finishing (skip to be provided by Contractor).

Phase 2
Removal of all excessive dust, paint spots, grout, tile adhesive, plaster and any other elements that were not in the final building description.

Phase 3
Touch up cleaning, leaving the unit ready for occupancy by the owner or tenant.